Reference Designs

Silansys has a significant IP and Reference Design Portfolio of silicon proven IP to reduce cost, risk and time-to-market for your Custom ASIC product.   In addition there is significant test code and hardware at bench and ATE product test that can be leveraged.

Reference designs include High Performance Sensors, H-bridge Motor Controllers, ISM-band Wireless SoC and HV Gate Drivers – please contact Silansys at for more information.

Sample Reference Design : High Performance 16b 85dB SNDR Sensors with uC

Our High Performance Mixed-Signal Sensor Reference Design is targeted at markets including:

  • Industrial, Scientific, Healthcare, Navigation/Silicon Photonics, Chemical Analysis, Optical, Environmental Analysis

The Reference Design enables rapid development of multiple functions including:

  • Lock-in Amplifiers & Synchronous Detectors, Impedance Spectroscopy, Precision Sensor Measurements, Medical Signal Measurement and Processing

includes key blocks and attributes :

  • Ultra low noise (2nV/rt.Hz), high gain and linearity, low crosstalk multi-band voltage/current inputs
  • 16b low-pass and band-pass single-bit Delta-Sigma A/Ds, 8b/10b SAR ADC
  • Flexible gain (PGA) and programmable LPF/HPF/BPF analog filters
  • Direct and mixed down-conversion sampling
  • 16b uC system with RAM/EEPROM, DSP/Demodulation, BIST and SCAN
  • Digital interfaces including SPI/UART/I2C/GPIO/LVDS
  • 05% absolute accurate DDS Digital Signal Generation with 60dB programmable o/p range
  • Capless LDO’s, DC-DC, Bandgap Reference, Power-on Reset, Watchdog, Temperature Sensor
  • Integer and Fractional-N PLL to 400MHz

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