About Silansys


Silansys was founded in January 2002 as an IC design company with a key expertise in mixed-signal intensive products and innovation.  Our design group includes experts in RF, analog, digital, firmware and system modelling.

Our customers range from semiconductor start-ups to industrial engineering leaders targeting world-class performance, cost, power, size and reliability innovation in their product roadmaps.

We have two business models: Custom IC Design and ASIC Development and Supply.  Silansys won a Supplier Excellence Award from Texas Instruments for Custom IC Design.  We have developed and supplied custom ASICs for over 10 years, with a proven supply chain.  Silansys is an industry leader in high reliability and high temperature mixed-signal ASICs.

Email: info@silansys.com to discuss your requirements – we look forward to talking with you.

Niall O hEarcain, CEO

Niall founded Silansys in 2002. He has over 30 years experience in RF, Analog and Mixed-Signal ASIC development and management. Prior to Silansys he held senior positions in Parthus Technologies, Digital Equipment Corporation and Frontier Silicon, and worked in ST, Italy on multiple joint-development programs.

Stephen McDonagh, CTO

Stephen joined Silansys in 2003 and led multiple PHY developments in high-speed serial communications, HDD Read/Write channels, wireless communications and sensors acting as both Lead System Architect and IC Design Lead. Prior to joining Silansys Stephen worked as a Staff Engineer in Parthus Technologies, Dublin and he has over 25 years experience.

Kevin Moore, VP IC Engineering

Kevin joined Silansys in 2005 as Mixed-Signal Design Lead for several communication and sensor products. More recently Kevin has lead teams developing High Reliability and High Temperature products. Prior to joining Silansys Kevin was a Principal Engineer in S3 Group, specializing in frequency synthesis and analog signal processing, and he has over 25 years experience.