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While Silansys has continued to work remotely throughout the pandemic, we’ve taken the opportunity to review our brand positioning and digital marketing.  We were keen to emphasise more clearly our two core areas of expertise Custom IC Design and ASIC Development and Supply and the fact that we have decades of experience across these fields.

We partnered with leading digital marketing agency to

  • Re-develop the website
  • Implement Search Engine Optimisation, for Google visibility
  • Review our Social Media Platforms, specifically LinkedIn
  • Upskill our internal team in digital marketing



Silansys linkedin


World-Class Partner of Choice

We also took the opportunity to outline a number of Business Cases, where we have collaborated successfully with a variety of clients to deliver innovative, robust technological solutions across a range of applications. Client profiles range from semiconductor start-ups through to global leaders in industry.

Silansys has been awarded a Supplier Excellence Award from Texas Instruments for Custom IC Design. With IC Design Services, the business has developed and supplied custom mixed-signal ASICs for over 10 years, with a proven supply chain. Silansys continues to evolve as an industry leader in high reliability and high temperature SoC’s. We are working on a number of projects in this context.
Highlighted Businesses Cases include

24V Brushless DC Motor Soc       16b MCU for MixedSignal ASIC
BLCD_ASIC         16b MCU

In addition to a decade of experience delivering custom ASICs solutions, we have over twenty years’ experience in RF, analog, digital, firmware and system design – producing innovative, effective solutions to meet the challenges of a broad range of customers across the globe. Key strategic markets that we service include the industrial and consumer sectors.

Typically our work involves addressing performance, cost, power, size and reliability innovations in customer product roadmaps.

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In the meantime, stay safe and stay healthy.

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